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About WealthRockstar
Welcome to WealthRockstar, a website and community of fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world.

WealthRockstar has 2 goals.
The first goal is to help people turn their passion into automated incomes so that they can live life to the fullest and spend time with family

The second is to teach them more skills so they can work more efficient and take their newfound knowledge and profits and use them to improve the world in their own small way.
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WealthRockstar Courses
We have an ever expanding array of courses for every kind of entrepreneur. 
Our Courses are either taught by Paul himself or have been vetted by Paul as a course that is totally worth the investment.

Our flagship course is our marketing automation course where you can learn everything you need to know to automate an online business.

WealthRockstar Courses
For those interested in one-on-one coaching we have a limited number of spots, but currently offer 30-minute and 1-hour coaching on any subject you wish. 

I can give general strategy advice on how to retire in five years, or offer specific consultation on a project or campaign you are planning.

Your Digital Classroom
Webinar Training
Everyone's talking about online marketing, right? 
We all know that you won't make money if you're not selling online

But what almost no one understands about online marketing is the concept of funnel hacking

t's not struggling with a wordpress website that helps you create a 7-figure funnel, 

it's setting up a real marketing funnel. And that can happen even if you are / can't stop trying to set everything up yourself, as long as you're also automating the entire funnel process.
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