Tell us more about your business, so we can see if there's a good fit to work together...
I get people who occasionally ask me "why do you have an application"? 

Or "do I really have to go through that before speaking with you?" 

And my answer is yes, you do need to go through it. The reason why is, there's so much time and effort we can both save by your first completing this application prior to us speaking. 
This also allows me to take a bit of time to think through how I can best help you on the call, do any quick prior research, etc. 

And secondly, being completely transparent about this... I run into a lot of people who honestly are not yet ready to have a funnel built for them. Many haven't even started their business, haven't validated their product, don't know who their target customer is, etc. And that's ok, as long as I know that beforehand, so I can provide the best direction and advice when we hop on the phone. 

So, long story short... yes I do require you to complete this application prior to the call. It is a quick few steps that will help us both to save more time and get more out of our discussion. 

Thanks in advance for your effort. Looking forward to speaking to you soon!
Paul Groothuijsen
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